Cream Blush

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Illuminating Multi-tasking Ultra-blendable
a solid silver kw palette with the lid slid open to show the cream blush
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Cream Blush

From $32.00
Regular price $56.00
Regular price Sale price $56.00
Illuminating Multi-tasking Ultra-blendable

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Refill or Case
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Our pride and joy. A creamy and blendable flush of color that melts effortlessly into skin to sculpt and illuminate for a dewy finish.


Reasons to Love

Certified-organic skincare ingredients

Certified-organic ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil create a blurring hydrating and lifting formula that nourishes the skin so it glows from within.

Blends seamlessly

Our award-winning Cream Blush is formulated without silicones to add a melting touch of color that effortlessly blends into skin for a warm sunkissed flush

Illuminating & Sculpting

Our best-selling Cream Blush melts into your skin to sculpt your cheekbones and give you a luminous glow


This versatile cream blush can be applied on cheeks lips and eyes. Lighter and more hydrating than powder it gives a natural Scandinavian glow and a fresh-faced look.

How to

Shades, Application & Tips

How to find My Shade

Inner Glow - Light rosy taupe with iridescent sheen
Blushing - Deep coral with iridescent sheen
Blossoming - Soft warm pink with rosy hue
Sun Touched - Soft Coral
Reverence - Pink shade with cool hue
Precious - Soft peach
Lovely - Deep berry
Joyful - Warm coral
Happy - Vibrant pink
Embrace - Nude pink
Desired Glow - Warm soft neutral shade
Abundance - Plummy taupe with an iridescent finish
Above and Beyond - Bright coral

How to Apply

Apply with the warmth of your fingers or the Blush-Foundation Brush. A little gives a sheer, flushed veil of color, further layers add a more intense, sculpting effect. Blend with a swiping motion, tapping as you go.

Kirsten’s tip

The Cream Blushes can be used on the cheeks, lips, and eyes. Cream Blush is much lighter and more hydrating than powder. If you apply too much, simply blend with the warmth of your fingers or using a Blush-Foundation Brush.

Key Ingredients

Ingredients with Integrity

Created from the highest quality materials sourced from around the world, each ingredient in our Kjaer Weis products has been carefully considered for its ability to work with the skin, not against it.

Certified-organic Castor Seed Oil

A vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the Ricinus Communis plant that contains beneficial fatty acids. It enhances the moisture content of your skin strengthening and nourishing even the most delicate complexions.

Certified-organic Jojoba Seed Oil

Moisturizing and high in Vitamin E and antioxidants to soothe the skin.

Certified-organic Rosehip Seed Oil

Hydrates and soothes the skin

Certified-organic Cera Alba Beeswax

*Sustainably sourced from apiaries in the UK.

Refillable Packaging

Sustainable from Day One

Since its inception in 2010, Kjaer Weis has led the charge in sustainability, being the first luxury beauty brand to introduce refillable packaging at our launch.

Our commitment to the environment extends from refillable through to recyclable
and recycled packaging into our approach to formulation. Our certified-organic
ingredients are hand-selected for quality and sourced from partners we work
with very closely. All of them share our commitment to Earth kindness.

Love for a lifetime

Our signature Iconic Edition packaging is made from zamac, an alloy of metals that will last forever and can be refilled over and over. Carefully created by renowned French designer Marc Atlan and Kirsten Kjaer Weis, the Iconic Edition is like a piece of jewelry to keep forever.

Go lightweight and recyclable

Our 100% refillable, recyclable and compostable Red Edition compacts have been created to look like lacquered leather crafted from glossy, featherweight paper that’s eco-friendly and perfectly compostable. Hand crafted.

Refill on repeat

Our refill pans are made of tins and recyclable at most recycling centers. Each refill is packaged in recyclable paper, made of recyclable cardboards.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to apply cream blush?

The Kjaer Weis cream blush can be applied by warming the product on your fingers or directly to the face with our blush-foundation brush. Dot the product onto the apples of your cheeks, then blend out and up the cheekbones with a swiping motion. Our cream blush has a buildable and easily blendable formula, so you can choose the color intensity. If you apply too much, simply blend the product into your skin for a natural flush.

Is cream blush better than powder?

Cream blush is more hydrating than powder blush. The creamy formula will leave a dewy, glowing finish on the cheeks, whereas powder blush is more matte. It’s usually easier to blend cream blush, giving you more control over the color intensity and giving a natural-looking flush.

What do you use to apply cream blush?

You can apply cream blush with your fingertips or with a blush brush. Using your fingers will allow the formula to warm up in your hands, making it easier to blend into your skin. You should make sure your fingers have no other product on them if you use them to apply your cream blush. Swipe and tap the product into the apples of your cheeks and blend up and over your cheekbones. A blush brush can also be great for applying cream blush. The blush brush will have a soft, flat edge that allows you to pick up a small amount of the product. Sweep the brush across your cheeks, starting from the apples and blending outwards. It can be more difficult to control how much product you pick up with a brush, so start with a little and build to increase the intensity.

Is cream blush good for mature skin?

Cream blush can be a gorgeous option for mature skin, thanks to its hydrating properties. Cream blush isn’t drying, so it will give a youthful glow to all ages. It won’t look cakey or settle into fine lines as powder blush might. Instead, our cream blush has a beautiful buttery formula that leaves a dewy, radiant complexion.

Is cream blush good for dry skin?

Cream blush is perfect for dry skin thanks to its rich and buttery formula. Our cream blush from Kjaer Weis is infused with Sweet Almond and Jojoba Seed oils to nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it plump and dewy. Unlike powder blush which can make dry skin look drier, cream blush will moisturize the skin while giving a natural flush of color.

Cream Blush $56.00
A solid silver KW palette with the lid slid open to show the cream blush Iconic Edition
Refill or Case

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