The Sustainable Beauty of Harmonic Beekeeping

In modern harmonic farming, beekeeping isn't just about honey production; it's about ecological balance and maintaining biodiversity practices. Bees play a most vital and pivotal role in pollination, essential for the generational survival of countless plant species, including those we depend on for food. Bees have an environmental impact profound in many ways. They also affect the animal kingdom and humankind. They have an effect on everything.

Kirsten Kjær Weis, the mind behind Kjær Weis cosmetics, has always championed eco-friendly beauty. She knows her product quality relies on the health of our bees, because they pollinate the botanical ingredients she uses.

Meet our bee caretakers, Marco Porporato and Daniela Laurino, a pair of dedicated scientists, who work alongside Kirsten and the Italian team behind Kjær Weis cosmetics.

Marco Porporato, an environmental biologist based in northern Italy’s Piedmont region, which is known for its pristine air quality, uses his insights of the area as well as his research into biodiversity to cultivate the purity of their bee hives.

Daniela Laurino, a botanist who is also Marco’s partner, shares a passion for native plants and bees. She seeks out and creates bee-friendly environments, nurturing their well-being.

Marco and Daniela raise bees with love and respect. They communicate with them daily and find the best places for the bees to thrive.

Together, Marco, Daniela, Kirsten, and the team strive to create beauty products that coexist with nature rather than harm it. They're pioneers who believe beauty can walk hand in hand with sustainability.

Join us later in the year for Part Two where we take a more intimate look into the reverent caretaking of our bees, and how the richness and potency of the resulting raw materials translate into the purity of our products.

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