Summer of Slow Living

A letter from our founder Kirsten

True sustainability is more than thoughtfully sourced ingredients. It's a way of cultivating a relationship based upon longevity and equilibrium. When using the word sustainability, it's not only about our relationship with the earth. It includes our relationship with ourselves. It means taking care of ourselves in a deeper way.

Come August, many countries rejoice in rest and relaxation. Their days are slow and focused, embracing simple pleasures and joyful moments. You don't have to "go somewhere" to find ease and tranquility. It's not a place; it's a state of mind. It can be as simple as seeing familiar things in a new way, getting more sleep, or a sumptuous meal by candlelight.

Skincare is one example where familiar routines become spa days on demand. Beautiful, life giving products are the genesis of beautiful, healthy complexions. When you use our Beautiful Oil, Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation, and a touch of our summer perfect Cream Blush, you are creating a sustainable relationship with your skin. Your complexion radiates with a deep, natural beauty.

Living slower can help improve your sleep, your digestion, and even calm a racing mind. The more balanced you are as a human, the more it will show on your face.

Beauty is well-being; when you live slow enough to be well.

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“Beauty is well-being; when you live slow enough to be well.”