A New
Kinder Year;
A New Kind
of Beauty

A message from makeup artist and founder, Kirsten Kjaer Weis

In an upside down world, perspective is everything. 2020 changed the way we view ourselves and the world. While we stopped going out like we used to, we found ourselves going inward, and reflecting on what really matters. For many, I think makeup and skincare became even more meaningful and important. It makes us feel taken care of, healthier, and loved.

Our choices in makeup and skincare matter. Beauty is the authentic, collective expression of love when it honors and celebrates all of us, in all our uniqueness. Beauty is a sense of love for the other, our self, all of life and the Earth. That’s why quality matters so much to me. It’s truly a form of wellness and I take on this responsibility for you and our planet very seriously.

As we walk forward into 2021, it is my intention that we all become more aware of how we can consciously make choices with makeup and skincare that serve our higher good. I invite you to join me and understand how using exceptional natural ingredients can change your skin. How applying a high-quality formula becomes a lovely moment of self-care. I believe that cultivating a rich inner life is the key to balance and serenity. To me, these small quiet and caring moments all add up in the long term.

With Kjaer Weis, makeup is skincare, and vice versa. The principal of packaging is sustainability first, always. It’s a new kind of beauty that fits with this new kind of year; a year where kindness matters.

On that note: I’m excited to share the launch of our new The Beautiful Eye Balm! It’s another stepping stone in building wellness, health and skin into every product we make.

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Skincare that enhances makeup. Makeup that thinks its skincare. Beauty that makes skin look and feel better—even after you’ve wash it off.