Behind The Red Edition

Our luxurious signature red meets lightweight eco-friendly recyclable paper. 100% recyclable, compostable, and refillable.

We created The Red Edition as another way to innovate and introduce sustainability to the beauty world. This glossy red paper edition is a permanent spinoff to our iconic silver packaging. Iconic Edition is refillable and built for a lifetime. Red Edition is also refillable, but 100% recyclable and compostable.

Ready to build your Red Edition library? Right now it's available in cream blushes, cream glows, eye shadows, lip tints, powders and cream foundations, but we're hard at work expanding the Red Edition to encompass the full line of Kjaer Weis products.

In 2010 we changed the beauty game with our Iconic line of lasts-forever, refillable packaging. Whereas other lines create products meant to be tossed, Kirsten Kjaer Weis collaborated with designer Marc Atlan to invent a brand new, sustainably-centered concept. The architecturally stunning and innovative design won awards and set a new standard for the industry.

Introducing KW Black Edition, modern utilitarian skincare. The packaging: clean-lined, minimalist and tactile. The formulas: simple, effective and made with high-performance organic ingredients. With KW Black, the things we carry have purpose.

The Red Edition is 100% recyclable, just separate the red packaging from the metal tins and magnets, and put in the paper recycling bin. After your compact has seen some love and it's that time, follow these 4 easy steps:

How To Recycle The Red Edition

Spilled on your Red Edition product by accident? If it’s at all damaged, don’t worry. The Red Edition is 100% paper, so if your compact is saturated with any kind of product or oil it can be composted rather than recycled.

How to Recycle Red Edition Step 1 Fixed


Pop out the tin pan — the easiest way is by pushing the pan out through the hole using a Bobby pin, pencil tip.

How to Recycle Red Edition Step 2 no corner tab

Step 2

Pull the perforated tabs at the lid and the base of the Red Edition compact to reveal the magnet underneath. Pull out magnets and safely dispose of the revealed magnet in the garbage

How to Recycle Red Edition Step 4

Step 3

Peel the clear adhesive off the Red Edition compact that’s under the pan.