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A Subtle Art

Makeup Master Class: Mascara 101
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Refilling your Kjaer Weis Mascara

Our signature KJAER Weis compacts are beautifully designed, so they can be used over and over again with our Intelligent Refill system. Refilling your compact is simple; just follow these steps:

Mascara Refill Module Step 1

Step 1

Pull off the silver casing covering the “well” of the mascara. Don’t be afraid to pull hard!

Mascara Refills Step 2

Step 2

Now do the same for the mascara wand casing.

Mascara Refill Module Step 3

Step 3

Unwrap your new mascara refill, and insert into each part of the casing. You should feel it “click” into place. The refill can be recycled, and your Kjaer Weis makeup is now ready to use!

Refill Guide

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