Some have called it the fountain of youth. The Italians describe it as revealing the divine light within. We call it The Beautiful Oil.

The Beautiful Oil

Get ready to experience a luxurious treat for the skin: The Beautiful Oil. A sensual elixir unlike any other beauty oil on the market, it transcends the skin’s surface, creating a dewy luminosity that radiates from within.

Featuring Dioscorea Batatas, a bright white root with small white flowers and a subtle fragrance
of cinnamon, it’s been called “The Root of Light”.  For thousands of years, traditional medicinal
practices have harnessed the vitality of this root to protect from environmental stresses and
elevate energy and spirit. In the early 20th century, philosopher Rudolf Steiner explored the
functions of this powerful root and believed the tubers stored a high amount of etheric
light transferrable to humans, supporting both physical and spiritual health.

Grown in biodynamic fields that have been
additive-free for 15 years, the Kjaer Weis
factory in Italy spent years developing
a special harvesting method for the root,
created to retain the powerful energetic
qualities of this special plant.

The Story of the Oil

“It’s going to leave you with a glow that comes from deeper than the surface of the skin.”

Shop The Beautiful Oil:

Use it night or day as a facial moisturizer, on the end of hair, or anywhere else that needs a little TLC. The perfect step before makeup, The Beautiful Oil works wonderfully under our Foundations and Cream Blushes, ensuring flawless, even coverage.