Introducing: The Red Edition

Chic, sharp and sustainable.

Since its inception in 2010, Kjaer Weis has been a hybrid beauty brand, creating a glamorous, unique lineup of juxtapositions. Makeup that’s skincare. Scandinavia-clean meets NYC-cool. Rigid standards of organic sustainability meets deep, sensual luxury.

This month, we are proud to introduce the latest evolution of our hybrid brand...The Red Edition. It’s joyful arrival is timed to celebrate Kjaer Weis’s 10 year anniversary.

A collection of sleek, stackable, ultra-lightweight packaging, the Red Edition is easily distinguishable by its glossy, cherry hue, deep ridges, careful molding and silver-embossed lettering. It’s deeply glamorous, timeless, and luxurious— it’s also incredibly lightweight, 100% recyclable and 100% compostable.

“The Red Edition is exciting because it's an additional way to fuse luxury and sustainability."


IMG 2297

Surprised? You see, despite its high-shine, first-edition appearance, the line is beautifully made out of environmentally-safe, ultra-lightweight TTH paper. “I believe in continuous improvement,” says Kirsten. “Adding more of what’s good.” That richly-pebbled, leather-like finish hides a cutting-edge, eco-friendly pedigree. Our environmentally-safe Red Edition TTH paper passes a rigorous, 6-step testing process that ensures that there are no chemicals used in the manufacturing process or the compact itself. And, true to the Kjaer Weis DNA, much like the Iconic Edition, the Red Edition is also totally refillable.

IMG 2411-RedEdition

But besides all that—it’s just sheer delight. The bold, graphic shapes! That juicy-red shade! The shine! The fact that you can throw a zillion Red Edition compacts in your purse and it feels like you’re carrying nothing but a packet of gum in there! It’s liberating, joyful makeup that is absolutely guilt-free. As the Kjaer Weis team can gleefully attest—to create a happy stack of Red Edition is to love Red Edition.

This is just Chapter One of the Red Edition journey. “I’ve really loved seeing this Red Edition come together, and want to keep going with it,” says Kirsten. Currently all blushes, glows, cream foundation, powders, bronzers, eye shadows and lip tints are available in Red Edition, but Chapter Two will include the fully fleshed out line, plus a few surprises… stay tuned. ❤️

Words by Charlotte Rudge

Photos by Sara Wacksman