Grades of Glow

The healthy inner radiance of a life well lived is one part confidence, one part massage, and one part makeup. Who knew?

Now that the clutter and chaos of holiday is clearing, we’re stirring with simpler, more noble intentions for ourselves for the new year. Resolutions. Intentions. Promises. Better selves for 2020.

Health and happiness are top of mind, of course. Lets go a step further and distill those two things down into one: We wish for Glow. Glow is not about shimmer or glitter. It’s about that more indefinable incandescence that shines through when you have an abundance of health and happiness. When you glow from the inside out, it’s not only beautiful, it implies a life truly well cared-for. Nourishment and love, with lots of exercise and wellness thrown in. Not necessarily via an army of nutritionists and personal masseuses (although, hey!) but through plenty of dedicated, connected me time.

And even if you’re short on that, you can start achieving Glow this year, right away, via the simple, satisfying act of face massage. Our founder, Kirsten Kjaer Weis spends a few minutes massaging The Beautiful Oil into every model’s face she works on before applying makeup to soften facial tension, get the lymphatic system going and reduce puffiness. Plus, there is a certain magical X factor that shows up in your face when you massage it. The skin and muscles respond in a way that’s unquantifiable and undeniable.

Make your resolution this: Don’t save your Beautiful Oil and face massage for special occasions. Models and celebrities who glow professionally massage their faces daily, and so should you, as the results are cumulative. Over time, your face will become more sculpted, muscles will be softer and less tense.

Here Kirsten shows how to get that natural glow via face massage technique, how to amp it up a bit with touches of shine, and how to pull it off on a big-night-out scale.

The Massage

Start with a clean, bare face and your hair pulled back. Warm about 5-6 drops of Beautiful Oil in between your palms and then distribute it by patting (not rubbing) it evenly all over your face. Using your thumbs trace along the jaw, under the cheekbones, along eyebrows, and forehead, using pressure that feels good. Always make movements upwards so you don’t drag their features downwards. Repeat several times, focusing on any particular areas of tension.

The Every Day Look

Notch up your post-massage radiance with a touch of cream foundation and translucent powder, define the brows and slick on a high-shine lip gloss to play up the glow factor. Black eyeliner on the lower lashline is the secret weapon to this look—it plays up the dewiness of the skin and the shininess of the lips.

The Evening Look

Add sheer, shiny color to the face for evening to heighten the glow, as opposed to matte, shimmery or glittery textures. There are no hard lines anywhere—lips are striking red, but soft and glossy. A seamless bloom of hibiscus pink blush on cheeks looks fresh and pretty, while eyes are defined by shadow used as liner, for a soft blurred edge. A touch of radiance on cheeks and eyes adds a final spotlit finish.

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