Kirsten Kjær Weis

About Kirsten Kjær Weis

Kirsten grew up on a farm in Denmark, and spent her childhood dreaming of big cities and world travel. After completing her studies, she set about exploring the United States, eventually returning to Copenhagen.

On a whim, she enrolled in cosmetology school, where the studio owner took an interest in her, and encouraged her to move to Paris to finish her training at the prestigious Christian Chauveau School of Artistic Makeup.

Looking back, Kirsten said, “I loved living in Paris. I found the art, the style, and the culture of the city so inspirational. And the amazing teachers at the Chauveau School helped me realize how much I loved the creative aspect of makeup.”

After completing her training, she returned to Copenhagen and signed with the city’s first artist’s agency. It was the early 90s, a time when the role of the makeup artist was becoming more prominent. Kirsten recalls, “Even when I began working as a makeup artist, models were sometimes still doing their own makeup.”

Soon her days were spent on photo shoots all over Europe and abroad. After several years refining her technique, it was time for a new challenge: New York City. Coveted gigs followed, working on magazine covers and fashion editorials for the likes of Elle, Lucky, Marie Claire and Vogue. She also added to her portfolio new work from high-profile advertising campaigns and music videos.

After years of living a globetrotting, urban existence, Kirsten discovered a renewed appreciation for the beauty and natural simplicity of her country upbringing. “The longer I lived in cities, the more I missed the experience of nature I was so lucky to have growing up. I love the tranquility, peace and beauty of the natural world. It reminds me of why I created a line of organic makeup, and inspires its evolution.”

Today, Kirsten is still based in New York. In addition to running the Kjær Weis company, she remains an in-demand makeup artist.